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The First Legal ChatGPT for Drafting Contracts and Lawsuits

A Revolution in the Legal Field: The Arrival of MIAbogado

In a world where technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a transformative element in various sectors, including the legal one. From ECIX Group, and as explained in the article published by El Confidencial, we have taken a step forward in this technological revolution with the launch of MIAbogado, a pioneering tool aimed at law firms and legal consultancies.

How does MIAbogado help the legal sector?

MIAbogado is a legal ChatGPT created to allow legal professionals to resolve queries, analyze texts of all kinds, and most importantly and innovatively, draft any type of legal document. From a lease agreement to a confidentiality agreement, to a complaint for workplace harassment, MIAbogado can do it all. All this for a cost of 50 euros per month.

Your labor, tax, commercial, and criminal advisor

MIAbogado is trained for three types of tasks in any field (labor, tax, commercial, criminal, etc.) and in any language. Firstly, it resolves legal queries, whether they are user questions or analyzing writings or documents that are introduced into the application. Secondly, it analyzes any legal text, detecting the regulatory framework to which it is subject, studies and prepares a legal assessment, detecting if there is any error or omission. Finally, the third functionality is the drafting of any type of legal document.

A Project of More Than Six Years of Research

MIAbogado is the result of more than six years of research, developed by ECIX in collaboration with the Faculty of Mathematics of the Complutense University of Madrid. Until this year, the accumulated investment in this tool is almost 4.9 million euros, to be completed with 5.8 in the next two years; almost 10.7 million in total.

The Perspective on the Future of AI in the Legal Field

AI “will mark a before and after in the provision of legal services.” In the face of suspicions, it is important to underline that our tool “does not come to take away the work of lawyers, just as ultrasounds did not take it away from doctors, but it is obvious that today doctors with technology can do their job better and faster. We have no doubts that this will be replicated in the legal sector.”

At ECIX Group, we are at a crucial moment where technology and artificial intelligence are transforming the way we work and live. MIAbogado is a clear example of how these tools can improve and facilitate the provision of legal services, allowing legal professionals to be more productive and profitable, and offering users all the security guarantees they need. We are committed to continuous development and innovation to continue offering solutions that make a difference in the legal sector.

Author: Álvaro Écija

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